WoW Classic activates PvP honor and world bosses

Bored now.

You better savor these content updates, WoW Classic players, because there are only a finite number of them left. Out of all of the ones remaining, the addition of the PvP honor system was one of the highest anticipated among the hardcore legacy server crowd — and now that is live.

Earlier this week, Blizzard activated both world bosses and the PvP honor system for the Classic servers. For world bosses, Lord Kazzak is romping around the Blasted Lands looking for a good fight, while Azuregos is roaring his challenge in Azshara. These world bosses will take at least 40 players to down, so we hope you have a good network of friends by now.

The PvP ladder is one of the most notorious features from vanilla WoW, mainly due to how insanely grindy and difficult it was to get to the Grand Marshal rank. But if that’s your jam, jam away!


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Hillsbrad is finally Hillsbrad again.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Let the genocide begin!


Apparently people clamoring about “yay world PVP” are now backpedaling with “our flight masters are being camped!”.

I don’t know if people forgot what it truly meant to be on a PVP server once a critical mass of lvl 60s has been reached. I made this mistake only once during my WoW career, and i’m happy to be carebearing ever since BC expansion. I get plenty of PVPing through battlegrounds, and the rest of the time i’d like to be left alone.