Torchlight Frontiers isn’t going to make its original 2019 release window


With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it is probably no surprise that Torchlight Frontiers isn’t going to make its earlier projected 2019 release. After all, the game is still in alpha (even if the studio pushes out enough updates to make you think that this is a live title).

At ExileCon this past weekend, Echtra Games officially confirmed what we all knew was coming, which is that Torchlight Frontiers’ launch is being pushed beyond the end of this year. So when will it come out? Echtra isn’t saying… yet.

“We don’t have really specific things to say,” said creator Max Schaefer, who was attending ExileCon as one of the founders of the Diablo franchise. “We’re doing some changes to the game right now that is kind of hard to pin down. We don’t really have better information to give yet. So that’s kind of why we’ve been waiting. But obviously it’s not going to make it right away. It’s plugging along and it’s getting better every day. And we’re really excited about it. It’s just we’re kind of waiting for the right time to like, come out with another big news dump about what’s going on.”

Source: PC Gamer
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