Torchlight Frontiers is letting players help design in-game weapons

I'll never get over you getting over me.

Don’t let this past weekend’s revelation that Torchlight Frontiers has been delayed get you down: Echtra Games and PWE are charging ahead getting player-designed content in the game.

Earlier this month, alpha players were tasked with the challenge of picking weapon models, names, flavor text, and stats for a weapon and then submitting them for a final vote. That vote is open now and running to Thursday. Finalists include a sword, two staves, and a shield, and interestingly, the devs included a truckton of feedback on the submissions. All of the submissions, in fact. Although pro tip, always go with alpacas.

It doesn’t sound like the winner is necessarily getting anything but the knowledge that his or her item is going into the real game, but Echtra does say that this is event is a prototype for future player-generated content events, so apparently there will be more as the game’s developed.

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