Sea of Thieves sets the world on fire with its Seabound Soul update and Thanksgiving cosmetics

The monkeys know.

“Prepare to meet the spectre of Sir Arthur Pendragon and embark upon the first chapter in a story of fire and woe. Be sure to lend the expired explorer a helping hand, but keep your wits about you…”

With those ominous words, Sea of Thieves’ latest update has begun this week. The Seabound Soul includes a new tall tale to experience, Ashen chests to unlock, and a treat for pyromaniacs. That’s right, players can now lob fire at enemy ships as they race to contain spreading flames on their own vessels.

“Some devious pirates have mastered the art of making firebombs, which you’ll find in barrels around the Sea of Thieves,” Rare said. “Throw these and they burst into flames – a surefire way to ruin another crew’s day! Gunpowder explosions, volcanic rocks, lightning and even cooking mishaps can also start fires, so pirates are urged to keep their buckets close.”

The update is also hitting the season (and grog) pretty hard, with Thanksgiving-themed cosmetics for players and pets.


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