The Division 2 is offering weekly status updates and delaying a full State of the Game until January

My car! I only had fifteen more payments on it!

If you were hoping for a State of the Game stream for The Division 2, you will be sadly disappointed by this week’s dispatch from the team. The team is hard at work at building more stuff, according to the dispatch itself, and thus a full stream will not be forthcoming until January 2020. Until then, players will be getting by on weekly updates on what’s taking place in the ruins of Washington, DC instead. This likely ties into the already uncertain nature of communication with the title, given its apparent underperformance relative to Ubisoft’s expectations.

Of course, if you’re wondering what’s actually happening this week, the answer is “not a whole lot.” Server maintenance has already occurred, rotated the apparel found in the standard cache, and made Kenly College unavailable for two weeks per its usual rotation. A handful of high-priority bugs are being investigated, but no fixes have been announced at this time. So for a first weekly update it’s a bit on the thin side; we can only hope that future updates will have a fair bit more going on during them.

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They should take PR budget and use it to create less ugly character models, animations – and less ape-y female faces in particular. Or start working on a sequel – as they do when their game fails to deliver certain sales amount.