ArcheAge Unchained offers an ArchePass update, keeps dishing out Crates every week in the meantime


We all know that the ArchePass in ArcheAge Unchained remains shut down and that a compensation plan has been offered after an initial SNAFU. We now also know that, until the ArchePass is finally and fully fixed, this compensation item will be available on a regular basis.

An official forum post made yesterday confirms that the ArchePass Compensation Crate, which grants players 45 Diligence Coins and sevel Labor Rechargers, will remain available to claim once a week for level 40+ characters after each weekly maintenance. As for the ArchePass itself, a modified version is due to arrive to the PTS in the coming weeks. Once this new ArchePass is dialed in with the help of player feedback, it will go live along with an extension of the ArchePass season length.

If you’re looking forward to more ArchePass discussion, you can tune in to a livestream this Friday, November 22nd, where the ArchePass and other community matters will be the focus.

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