ArcheAge Unchained has finally sorted out its ArchePass compensation – go claim yours


It’s surely frustrating for players and devs alike that most of the conversation surrounding ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained for the last month has concentrated on the ArchePass and compensation, but here we are once again.

As MMO players will recall, Gamigo disabled the ArchePass, Unchained’s loyalty system, back in October, with the aim to revamp it. While it’s been turned off, the studio has tried a few different ways of compensating players for some of its missing benefits, like Diligence Coins, which has already been botched once. Now there’s a new compensation plan rolling out to players, claimable for level 40+ characters as of last night; it includes 45 Diligence Coins and seven labor rechargers.

“This pack will be removed during the next week’s maintenance and replaced with a pack to be claimed once as initially intended. Moving forward, ArchePass Compensation Crate will be available as a single claim until the ArchePass is fully enabled again. Currently the ArchePass rework is still in development and will be announced when it is available on PTS in the future.”

That apparently goes for people who missed out on the first round of compensation too.

Hopefully Gamigo and XLGAMES get everything sorted soon, as both Unchained and Legacy fans are getting antsy about other problems in the two-halved game.

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