Gamigo has temporarily disabled ArcheAge’s ArchePass for a rework


So, how much did you hate ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass? Because it’s gone – or at least it’s gone for now.

MMO gamers will recall that the ArchePass wasn’t a monetization trick but actually just a loyalty system that rewarded players for playing the game and being logged in. But as we’ve been covering since launch, the design of the ArchePass seemed to encourage people to grind and play kind of a lot as well as introduced some nasty exploits that flooded the servers with a lot of gold. Players have since been agitating for either the removal of ArchePass or a change to missions to make them shorter, party-sharable, and less time-consuming. As it stands, Gamigo is apparently considering some of this feedback and has temporarily disabled the ArchePass while it’s being retooled.

“The ArchePass has been temporarily disabled on all North American and European ArcheAge: Unchained servers. All existing progress has been saved and the Diligence Coin store is still accessible. We are evaluating the range of issues that have been presented from gold reward values, to quests distributed repeatedly, the level of effort required to progress, and overall enjoyability of participating in the related progression. […] We have not yet determined when the ArchePass will be re-enabled and will provide additional updates as we work toward a stable, permanent fix. When the ArchePass is re-enabled, progress may resume as normal. We will be distributing a static amount of Diligence Coins to all accounts while the ArchePass is disabled as a majority of necessary game play items require the use of this currency.”

Gamigo is planning its requisite Friday stream for this afternoon at 1 p.m. EDT, and it’s also added buyable packs to Steam.

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