City of Titans’ character creator, Titan Create, is now available for backers

Rebuild. Rise.

If you’d been wondering what that countdown on City of Titans’ Twitter last week was, well you probably just overlooked the announcement earlier this month that the pre-alpha superhero MMO was prepping its avatar builder for the next two weeks, which ended yesterday, along with your wait.

“It’s been a long wait; but believe us when we say, it’s been even longer for us,” Missing Worlds Media says on its blog. “Today, we bring you two long awaited releases – our Avatar Builder: Titan Create, and the Second Chance campaign. We wish this was the full Issue 0 release we’ve spoken of before, but we’ll get there – nothing has stopped us yet!”

That Issue 0 release was supposed to happen back in 2018; the devs have previously explained why it’s been so heavily delayed. The “Second Chance campaign” essentially points to a webstore vending the game and other perks to those who didn’t back it on Kickstarter or want to buy it more now, though Kickstarter veterans will still need to create and link accounts through there to hop into Titan Create. It looks like if you’re coming in fresh, you’ll need to back at the $50 tier or higher for a copy of the game and access.

“We’ll say it again, because we’ve waited a long time to say it: everyone who makes their account, correctly unlocking their KS rewards, will immediately gain access to Titan Create. So will anyone who donates enough to qualify to the Second Chance. This launcher will bring you every game update from now on. We’ll do our best to make them worthwhile.”

Back in March, we featured the game in our Into the Super-verse column, recapping its recent development; more recently, MWM outlined its alpha and beta plan.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Geoff!
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