City of Titans says it’s completed the rebuild of its alpha test server


City of Titans had a rough 2018. The Kickstarted City of Heroes spiritual successor was meant to release its “issue 0” alpha by the end of the year, but damage to the game’s primary data repository set the developers back a solid three months. Nevertheless, work continued, particularly on the character creator, combat system, and user interface.

This afternoon, the CoT team posted a quick update on Twitter that says it’s now caught back up to its state prior to the setbacks last fall.

“We have quite a few projects in the works that we hope to be able to tell you about soon, but we’d like to mention one that has come together very well over the last few weeks,” Missing Worlds Media wrote on Twitter. “The server that manages logins and player interactions has been rebuilt from scratch after going offline during our issues back in October. This brings us back up to the level we were at before everything went wrong. With this server working again, we are able to complete the rebuild of our Alpha test server.”

Source: Twitter
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Josh Whipkey

This story just highlights the fact that all of the CoH successors are amateur-hour clown shows.

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

I’m seriously looking forward to this game, and to the other CoH spiritual successors.


The same.


whatever. the star citizen of the ‘not city of heroes’ trio.

honestly, i talk shit, but i really do hope one of these fills the void. i just don’t see it happening with any of them in the states they are.