After a day of downtime, ArcheAge Unchained updates players on ArchePass and Diligence Coins

I always know there’s something up with a game when my own guildies start asking me why the game is still offline. Indeed, ArcheAge Unchained suffered more than 10 hours of downtime yesterday over an “unexpected issue.” The maintenance was intended to add improvements to queue grace handling, buffed EU hardware, and tweaks to the ArchePass; although the ArchePass itself is still completely disabled, it’ll still give you an idea what Gamigo is thinking in terms of the revamp:

Added mission quest ArchePass group and rerolling the mission will give you a specific mission again.
Adjusted weekly gate from 100 to 60, EXP accordingly, and Gilda star cost to re-roll from 10 to 5.
Fixed First Vocation Quest from Beanstalk Mansion Jar cannot be accepted.
Adjusted some ArchePass missions that came out earlier than intended.

Gamigo has also updated ArcheAge Unchained fans with the status of the 300 Diligence Coins it had previously said it would grant to all accounts. “That announcement was met with a good deal of feedback, negative and positive,” the studio says. “In light of this feedback, we’ve gone back to the XLGames team to further solidify a way to provide needed diligence coins for gameplay progression.”

“Next week (date to be announced), we plan to add a claimable crate in the marketplace that contains 45 diligence coins and 7 bound labor rechargers, which can only be used by characters level 40+. This will be available as a free claim once per account. This change has been made to prevent a massive sudden influx of diligence coins and all of the associated items that could be purchased with those. We will evaluate the need to add this crate for each week that the ArchePass is disabled. For this week, we are working on a grant of these items to accounts with a character that was level 40 or higher as of 10am PDT on Monday 10/28, to be claimed through the account management page. Once that is available, we will provide an update letting everyone know where to claim it and how.”

More on the coins:

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