Dual Universe shows off a community race from the Earth to the moon and back

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The thing that keeps me intrigued about sandboxes is the fact that the community can come together to create its own events, and one such event was held in Dual Universe. Specifically, a race from the Earth to the moon and back again.

The race was held a few weeks ago, coordinated by the DICE Corporation and Infinity Corporation. A couple of dozen racers took off — or at least tried to take off — from a custom starting grid, flew to a target built on the surface of the moon, and flew their way back to the starting grid. The vast majority of the landings were not exactly pretty and even some of the ship flights went wrong with at least a couple of racer ships flying backwards, but the mayhem is easily the most fun part of this particular event.

In the end, a racer by the name of Loknatrous won the race, even if his ship went tumbling into the bleachers. You can get a supercut of the race footage in the video below. Also, may I humbly request more events like this, please? Thanks.

source: YouTube

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GEEKsogen, об играх по-взрослому

I look forward to this game. A performance issue is seen when there are many ships nearby. I hope it will be optimized …


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Yes it was a very fun event.