Ashes of Creation revels in the majesty, the lore, and the creation of the Beer Bear mount

bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation seems to really be in love with this particular mount they’ve made. It’s a bear mount. A bear mount with two immense beer kegs attached to its saddle. His name is Mug. He is the Beer Bear.

Intrepid Studios has gone all in on this particular mount, with an entire short story lore posting as well as a video which shows the mount’s creation from start to finish and its performance in-game. The mount itself looks like a strong and swift steed, and it presumably brings the party everywhere it goes owing to the beer kegs it carries. At least, I assume as much; the video closes with a feast full of folks as the Beer Bear and its owner hang out. Really, is it a party unless there’s a drink-hauling bear? I posit that it’s not.

This is a weird thing to focus on, but focus on it you can in both text form and video form.

source: press release
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