Lost Ark appears to be ramping up for its western release and console release according to job postings


There certainly feels like a fair level of excitement for Lost Ark’s western launch, especially since folks are already working their way into the Russian open beta. If the latest job postings from publisher/developer Smilegate are any indication, that western launch is soon approaching.

Two key positions for the game’s overseas prospects were plucked out of Smilegate’s job board: an overseas business product manager, who must have an effective command of speaking and writing in English, and an overseas service planner, who is asked to be fluent in English and Chinese and have a minimum two years’ experience in overseas live operations; bonus points if the candidate has five or more years. Another job posting seeks a console client developer with experience in Unreal Engine 3 and 4 as well as a multi-platform game engine.

Of course, none of these job postings offer any indication of Lost Ark’s western arrival schedule, but the postings close today (November 30th), which seems to indicate that an arrival later this year could be possible. We’ll just have to wait for official word, preferably from whomever lands the overseas business product manager job.

source: MMO Culture

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Uninstalled it on level 45. Started nicely but leveling is too slow (or maybe it’s the story that is too boring) and (the worst part) combat feels awkward with skills on 10-20-30 seconds cooldowns. Though leveling dungeons are pretty good – the best I’ve ever seen.


This game was supposed to be the second coming but I’ve not been incredibly impressed with anything I’ve seen. Still, I’ll definitely give it a chance.


I don’t know why someone would think this highly at this point, Lost Ark has plenty of available information about it now, it’s pretty clear that the game doesn’t have an incredibly deep endgame PvE with its max group size being 4 so far, but seeing it on videos doesn’t do it’s gameplay enough justice, it’s extremely fun and satisfying to play, the PvE seems flashed out enough to keep people’s interest if you enjoy the gameplay, the PvP is very fun and it may be the first one I’ll get REALLY into since early Cataclysm.

It’s not the second coming to me but it may be the change of pace I personally needed in my MMOs.

Jo Watt

So far after playing RU version I’ve been surprised by how good it is. Cant wait for the release here finally.

Also I did want to add. FFXIV is 4 man parties with 8+ man raids and does pretty good on PvE content so.. smaller group sizes doesn’t necessarily equal bad PvE.


It feels like a very modern Lineage 2, from what I seen around on vids and some basic info. That isnt necessarily bad but not all like games on that mold. Like you i want to try it myself to be sure if its worth it.