Learn how to play Project Gorgon with this community video series


You have listened to us fawn over the unique spirit — and mechanics! — of Project Gorgon here on MOP, but chances are if you’ve ever tried out this fantasy MMO, you might have felt lost and confused. That’s because this is a bit of a different animal to handle and takes a shift in mentality when you approach it.

Fans of Project Gorgon know that it is a little hard to get into, but they are so passionate about it that they are willing to help you learn. Enter Def of Battleaxe Theater, a YouTuber who created a 10-part series to explain the game and help you get your footing in it. Of particular interest is an overview of Project Gorgon, a guide to getting started, and 10 useful tips.

It’s a good watch for a great MMORPG, which is why we wanted to share it with you today:

Source: YouTube. Thanks Def!

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This game has been dumb fun and lots of interactivity with the community. I picked it up when it moved to steam. Love it!

I have a number of complaints on the game but in the end the small team that keeps it going is always pushing out new stuff that keeps it interesting.

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Chris Neal


Rick Mills

Love these community projects! Wish they would do one for No Mans Sky :)


All by luck I restarted Project Gorgon toon 2 days ago. I think I am going to focus it a bit more than in recent past