The Avalonian invasion in Albion Online reaches a new phase with the latest reset


Last month, we reported on a special mini-season in Albion Online that saw the Outlands area invaded by the Avalonians. With the territory reset this past Saturday, that invasion is hitting a new gear with some new enemies entering the fray.

The number and variety of Avalonians is being increased, heralding the arrival of Avalonian Attack Drones, Avalonian Spearmen, and Avalonian Winged Guards to the field in addition to Acolytes and Archers. On top of that, guilds who are seeking to control territories in the Outlands will be faced with Avalonians instead of the standard wraiths. This new phase of the invasion also carries a warning of dire events and a promise from the devs of more to come, which means that this invasion is likely only going to get more challenging.

As a reminder, the Avalonian invasion season will run until January 20th. There’s a small changelog for players to scan before joining the battle once more.


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