Albion Online patches in the special Avalonian invasion with unique rewards

Gank the king!

The denizens of¬†Albion Online face a unique threat with the game’s latest patch as the Avalonians invade the landscape. It’s a special mini-season for players to earn some unique rewards, starting with their forces milling in the Outlands as of today and escalating over time into world bosses storming around. Fortunately, players will have every reason to welcome these new threats, as you can use the energy of Avalonians to craft a unique mount, make better food, or even earn an Avalonian avatar with season progress.

For players with a deep and inherent aversion to anything dubbed “Avalonian,” the newest patch also includes debuffs to groups over a certain size to reduce zerg behavior. There’s also a new sharing of points among allied guilds to make sure that your alliance contributes to a shared ranking. So get on in there and hunt down territory¬†and your Avalonian adversaries as part of the special season; it only lasts until January 20th.

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