RuneScape prepares to release smooth movement this week while OSRS experiences connection issues


This coming week in RuneScape is going to be smooth. Smooth like a nitro beer. Smooth like room temperature butter. Smooth like a shimmering gravy poured over some herb porkchops. Basically, the game’s smoother movement is expected to go live this week. Also, I probably need to get some lunch.

This coming update to movement effectively changes the way the game servers do math, adjusting calculations to make movement appear more fluid and natural. Jagex expects to bring this improvement online this week, but fans can get a more in-depth developer look at what this update involves if they so wish. As for the most recent patch, it’s made another round of little fixes and adjustments like adjusted bean sale values for the Ranch Out of Time and a fix for weapon poison potions.

What’s maybe not so smooth has been players’ experience in Old School RuneScape, which has been suffering from some unexplained connection issues since this past Saturday on both mobile and PC platforms. The system admins and game engines teams are on the case, but the matter is yet to be fully resolved; there are some workarounds posted in the meantime.


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Mason Boyd

The connection issue had already been fixed for 12 hours before this was posted, get your facts right. Plus RS3 is a pile of hot garbage and OSRS has 4x the player base.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Sometimes I like the laggy blinky movement, wondering where the hell I’m going onscreen, it feels like the full RuneScape experience then. Good luck to the smoother movement thing anyway.