Wakfu overhauls the Sadida Kingdom region and celebrates Kwismas


No, that’s not a typo of “Christmas” – that’s actually what Wakfu calls its seasonal event, which went live last week along with a significant overhaul to the Sadida Kingdom and other content updates. Incidentally, I can’t hear the word “Christmas” in any other way now, which means about 90% of holiday songs are vastly improved.

The Sadida Kingdom update focuses mostly on visuals in order to bring the region in-line with how it appears in the animated series, but it’s more than just a graphical facelift, with four new zones, four different monster families including two new ones, four dungeons, new NPCs, and new resources. The update also brings some new story content and adjustments to the Haven Bag chest. The complete details are in the changelog.

As for Wakfu’s seasonal Kwismas event, that will involve planting Magic Kwismas Tree Seeds that will drop from monsters. Planting these trees rewards a selection of gifts, including titles, Haven Bag decorations, costumes, and even possibly a rare “Ring a Bell” emote. Kwismas season is live now and runs to Monday, January 6th, when the event will wrap up at 4:00 a.m. EST.

source: official site (1, 2)

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