The MMOs of the Steam winter 2019 sale


Valve’s summer winter sale has arrived, bad gateways and all, along with a dopey (sorry) winter market minigame thinger. Here’s everything that caught our eye in Steam’s sale – we will note that a lot of these sales are much better than summer (and Black Friday too).

On Steam…

Outside of Steam…

  • WoW’s store has a sale on soooo much stuff.
  • Gamigo’s games aren’t on sale on Steam, but it seems as if each title is running a sale off Steam. Trove, for example, has discounted Vanguardian packs.
  • Neverwinter, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online all have sales on Arc right now.

WoW even did a whole promotional video for sparkleponies.

If you spy more, and you surely will since a lot of companies are still rolling these out, drop ’em in the comments. And try not to overspend. You know who you are!

Source: Steam
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