2019 eoty listicle

She has ideas.

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs in 2020

While there is nothing wrong with dropping some money on a worthy game, many of us are looking to be as frugal as possible...

Perfect Ten: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures at the start of 2020

This annual column always inspires a certain amount of debate, which is intentional. Outside of the office, a good chunk of that debate is...

Perfect Ten: Upcoming MMOs to watch in 2020

There is a great feeling of flipping a calendar over to a fresh year, isn't there? All that promise and potential spread out in...

A look back at the MMO and gaming science topics of 2019

Since becoming MassivelyOP, our staff has worked hard to buff up our gaming science-related articles. Last year, we noted that our pile of science...

The best MassivelyOP community Daily Grinds of 2019

Last year, I counted it up: The first Daily Grind on Massively was written on November 3rd, 2007, one day after Old Massively was...

Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2019

The good news is that our sunsetted MMO list from 2019 is shorter than in most years. The bad news, of course, is that...

The most popular MMORPG conversations of 2019

I feel like a broken record saying this, but the success of a blog is not just about page views or ad impressions or...
Never over.

Perfect Ten: The best MMO updates and expansions of 2019

The down side of doing these columns at the end of the year every year is that there's a certain challenge of writing the...

Goodbye to all the reasons we can’t have nice things in MMOs, 2019 edition

A while back, we started collecting all our cozy, comforting, positive, happy stories under the "warm fuzzies" tag. This year, we turned it into...

The most popular Massively OP MMO articles of 2019

One of my favorite things to do every year is drill down the top articles on the site for our readers. But in 2018,...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's weekly and sometimes biweekly recap of the big news in crowdfunded MMOs. Hey, you...

The definitive 2019 Battle Bards episode guide

The most amazing thing about Battle Bards... is that it even exists at all. The world's first, best, and only MMO music podcast picked...

The best Massively OP streams of 2019

Massively OP's Stream Team - with MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Chris at the helm - changed up its streaming tactics this year,...

The MMOs of the Steam winter 2019 sale

Valve's summer winter sale has arrived, bad gateways and all, along with a dopey (sorry) winter market minigame thinger. Here's everything that caught our...
Ho, then when I say so, ho again.

The Massively Overpowered 2019 winter holiday MMO roundup

The holidays are here! Well, most of them are. Some of them might not be. And as is tradition here at Massively Overpowered, we...

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO news stories of 2019

When we sit back to look at the biggest headlines of the year, we don't have to look far. These are the stories that...
Set sail, etc.

Perfect Ten: The healthiest live MMOs at the end of 2019

Everyone is healthy! Good news! Every game is super healthy and absolutely no one has a terminal playerbase disease that may result in the...
Here we go.

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMO surprises of 2019

After 10 years of covering MMORPG news, I can assure you that I am still fired up to keep doing this. One of the...