The most popular Massively OP MMO articles of 2019


One of my favorite things to do every year is drill down the top articles on the site for our readers. But in 2018, we didn’t run this post because we had incomplete data and I thought it’d be confusing. This year, we have incomplete data again (we’re missing parts of March and May), but it’s a much more complete batch and worthy of presentation!

As always, I am not talking about the most controversial, the most fun, the most important, or the most commented-on stories; I mean the single articles that actually brought in the most measurable pageviews. The most “popular” aren’t always the ones we expect, since a well-timed link from a major website or social media platform can drive some really random posts with next to no comments into the stratosphere. Just remember that lists like these favor posts made earlier in the year by default!

Shall we break it down a little bit? It’s no surprise to me that the Blizzard Ovia expose, City of Heroes drama, WoW rumors, FFXIV Shadowbringers previews, and Guild Wars 2 hacker piece are all up there – same for the EVE Online dramas and Elder Scrolls Online eyebrow-raisers. The Brad McQuaid obituary is also an unfortunate entry (I really don’t enjoy being “first” to get to a piece like that such that we’re being cited all over). But then we’ve also got some really random pieces, like the Diablo III season piece, the Dragon Ball Z piece, and the Anthem bug. And it’s bizarre that Jagex – not RuneScape, but Jagex specifically – has three entries here, right?

What’s most interesting to me is what’s not on here – like the Blizzard Hong Kong fiasco, Star Citizen, and WoW Classic. Part of this is because big “narrative” stories like those get spread over many pieces rather than one that’s circulated independently, which is the case for a lot of the outliers in our top 20. This is why we don’t really let “most clicks” and “most comments” dictate our coverage, but hey, these lists are still fun to flip through!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got our most-popular-by-comments list coming up in the next week too!

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