Anthem players get excited for Cataclysm precursor event that turns out to be a bug


Following its delay back in April and a month-long stint in testing, Anthem’s long-awaited Cataclysm event finally appeared to be ramping up in the live game, but players’ excitement over the new development has been unceremoniously dashed by a developer announcement. The commotion began yesterday when Reddit user Elendel19 posted a screenshot to the r/LowSodiumAnthem subreddit that depicted a new Challenge entry called The Oncoming Storm, which appeared to herald a weeklong event that players speculated was a precursor to the Cataclysm. Although the event itself didn’t appear to be active, players assumed that it would be going live in the subsequent patch.

Unfortunately, however, the excitement was short-lived. Not long after the Reddit post, players tweeted to BioWare Community Lead Andrew Johnson in search of clarification. Johnson replied, “A change went live today that was intended for a slightly later date. That change has now been corrected. Sorry for the confusion, Freelancers.” The community reaction has been understandably dispirited, though some of the more optimistic players see Johnson’s wording of “a slightly later date” as evidence that the event’s actual launch isn’t too far off. Whether that turns out to be the case, however, remains to be seen.

Source: Twitter, Reddit. Thanks, Pasha!
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