BioWare delays several Anthem ‘Act 1’ features including guilds and masteries

That's something like a relief.

A little under a month has gone by since BioWare’s stress-inducing, crunch-heavy environment was exposed by the media, and since then the studio has struggled to bolster public perception and improve the struggling Anthem in the process. Unfortunately, BioWare doesn’t look as if it will be able to deliver as it had previously promised.

First, the good news. Yesterday saw the release of Patch 1.1.0 with a good chunk of story content, and there is more on the way. And in a post to the community, the dev team said that the changes and fixes that it has made in the first 10 weeks of live operation have “pointed us in the right direction for the future.”

That’s all there is to soften the blow of the bad news, which is that many features planned for the “Act 1” phase of the game will need to be delayed to an unspecified date in the future. The features delayed include guilds, the mastery system, phase 2 of legendary missions, weekly stronghold challenges, leaderboards, “some” freeplay events, and Cataclysm. This, um, looks to be most of Act 1 and May’s content offerings.

Flawed as it may be, Anthem gets the thumbs up from our own Tyler, who listed five things he loves about the game.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Tess!
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