Star Wars The Old Republic’s gives love to non-subbers in today’s update


It’s a big day for Star Wars The Old Republic – well, maybe a medium day. Though today’s patch comes emblazoned with the forgettable 5.10.4 moniker, the update itself is a bit of an overhaul of the MMO’s monetization system. The game will still offer free-to-play, preferred, and subscription status, but BioWare says it’s going to “show some love” to non-sub players.

What kind of love? Preferred and F2P will see their credit cap raised to 1M creds, meaning they can stockpile more cash (and buy larger items on the market). Medical Probes and Quick Travel are being removed from the market, allowing non-subbers to revive where they died and quick travel without fussing with the paid consumables. And most dramatically, non-paying players get more hotbars.

“Quickbars are another feature that has been limited between the various account types. Currently Subscribers have six available to them, while Preferred have four and Free-to-Play accounts have just two. When this system was initially designed, only four at most were available. Keeping this in mind, we’ll be adding an additional Quickbar for both Preferred and Free-to-Play accounts – increasing the number to five and three respectively. With this addition, players will be able to have more abilities, Mounts, and Mini-pets available to them for immediate use.”

Worth noting here is that BioWare is currently heads-down working on the Onslaught expansion due out this fall. Servers are expected to be up today around noon EDT with the monetization patch.

Source: Twitter, preview
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