Anthem’s Cataclysm test server is now live for PC players

Yes, this is one of the few cases wherein EA kinda gets to be the good guys.

We certainly don’t want to be overly dramatic in the way that we discussĀ Anthem’s long-delayed Cataclysm update, but it can be safely said that the title really could use a nice big well-received patch. It’s probably for that reason that the game is taking the heretofore unprecedented step of opening up a new test server today so players can try out the update in advance, getting a feel for everything coming in the new season-long event before other players. And it’s available to Origin Access Premier subscribers as well as anyone playing on PC.

You won’t have to worry about leveling or farming for items while you’re on the test server, fortunately; as soon as you log in you’ll be at level 30 with a full stock of items and all four Javelins already unlocked, ready to focus on the content added with the update. There’s no precise timeframe for testing, but of course the test server is prone to requiring maintenance, new patches, and data wipes. Check out the full rundown if you’re eager to see what’s happening in the game’s next big update before you jump in.

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