The most popular MMORPG conversations of 2019


I feel like a broken record saying this, but the success of a blog is not just about page views or ad impressions or click-through or conversions or all those boring things. It’s also about comments and reader engagement! And that’s because the things you like to click on aren’t necessarily the things you like to talk about or circulate on social media, although in this particular year, there’s been a lot of overlap, at least when we look at the outliers at the tippy-top of lists like these!

So that’s what we’re doing today: peeking at the most popular articles of the year as measured by┬ácomments, which always provides an entirely different overview of the year and the genre.

Just looking at this list is exhausting since I remember how much work went into moderating all those threads (and how much time that took away from other things that needed doing around MOP!). But I think as always the pattern is clear: People really like to talk (and talk and talk) about contentious topics and drama.

The City of Heroes rogue server revelations poked into the top batch easily, several times, and I’m personally gratified that I can point to that whenever someone informs me that it’s a dead game no one cares about. A lot of people care! Blizzard was also a huge topic this year, from the Ovia mess and layoffs to the Blitzchung incident, boycotts, and BlizzCon. Overall, it’s no surprise to see those two narrative arcs pop up here, as they also cropped up in our awards several times. Star Citizen’s status, Overwatch’s LGBTQ character, New World’s setting, and the Epic Games Store were also big topics for our commenter base specifically.

Here’s to an equally chatty 2020! Give our moderators hell! Wait… maybe don’t…

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