Ship of Heroes extends holiday greetings and touts successful testing


The Ship of Heroes team would like to wish you and yours some happy holidays, but more than that, it’d like to offer some thanks and some self-congratulations in a dev blog post and in a personal message from Consultant himself for the past year’s worth of development advancements, particularly in relation to its login test and character creation beta test, which were deemed huge successes.

According to the dev blog, the login test successfully rendered over 80 different heroes in the most graphically intense spot in the Apotheosis City zone, all while keeping a solid framerate. That test led to expansions and improvements that ultimately helped the character creation tool test, which was also deemed to be “highly successful” with over 500 people jumping in to the game to kick its tires. The post then moves on to several development advancements made through 2019, including polishing of Apotheosis City, the opening of an auction house, the addition of augments, infusions, and buffs, and the creation of a superspeed travel power, which will be seeing some adjustments after player feedback.

As for what 2020 holds, the next major test will be an invasion test which promises to put players into big fights against waves of enemies. That should come at some point in the second quarter.


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