A new mobile spinoff of Final Fantasy XV is in development for worldwide release


So this is interesting. While it appears that Square-Enix has largely backed off from pre-launch attempts at making Final Fantasy XV into an ongoing perpetual franchise, it looks like the game is getting a mobile spinoff from Korean studio JSC and Chinese studio GAEA. More relevant for our particular genre, the title is supposed to have large-scale multiplayer features, with official press releases generally referring to it as an MMORPG. The actual features themselves have yet to be revealed.

What is definitely known is that the game is running on Unreal 4 and will be set to run concurrently with the events of the main game, possibly occupying a parallel world and incorporating more elements of the world’s story. That means new original content, including continents in the sky, with an initial release planned for mainland China and further releases in other territories. Very little is known about the title at this time, but if you’re really eager to head back to the game world, it looks like you’ll get your chance.

Source: Twitter; thanks to Remeran for the tip!

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Malcolm Swoboda

Its not looking good already.

Danny Smith

Well theres already one terrible kusoge on mobile based on the setting another isn’t surprising considering XV is more and more as time goes on getting revealed to be an absolute frankensteins monster of issues, debts and pure bullshit. They took Chrono Crusade and Valkyrie Profile 3 and turned them into 13-2 and lightning returns to try and recoup production costs on FF13 and even that, maligned as it is, wasn’t as big a critical flop or money void as XV was. I imagine we will see crap like this for a long time.