APB Reloaded promises quality-of-life updates and Unreal Engine upgrade in its 2020 roadmap


APB Reloaded is also on that 2020 roadmap kick that’s hotter than the battle royale subgenre lately. Little Orbit’s promised updates for the coming year include continued work on shotgun balance, some quality-of-life improvements, and the evergreen promise of an upgrade to Unreal Engine.

On the topic of shotgun balance, the devs are asking players to head to the Prototype District with friends, take on some missions, and report their feedback. This requested feedback will not only help shotgun play but be critical to having a prototype version of Asylum up and running.

As for quality-of-life, the devs are looking at modifying the Bounty system to prevent players from getting “Heat 5” in missions, removing rank restrictions on Prototype districts, and continued balance on cars, mods, and weapons. Timing for these updates is nebulous based on a variety of factors, but these items are on the radar.

Ultimately, the team at Little Orbit is focused on the Unreal Engine upgrade, which is described in the post as a primary focus of both the devs and players, and it looks like there’s some genuine forward progress to report on that front.

“We are happy to announce that all our event builds from January through April are now locked and loaded. That means that, starting now, our engineers can devote their complete focus to bringing you the Engine Upgrade this year.”

For now, players interested in seeing how the engine upgrade is going are directed to follow a forum thread dedicated exclusively to tracking the upgrade progress.


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This would have been welcome news around say… 10 years ago? :S