The Daily Grind: How do you feel about the new Daybreak situation?

Really, whatever.

We’ve all had a couple of days to process the news that Daybreak Games is splitting most of itself into smaller sub-studios each controlling a small portion of games, and yet it’s still a bit hard to process. I’ve already written about it extensively and it still feels weird. We’ve obviously all been on train acknowledging that Daybreak has been in a stormy position for some time now, and yet I don’t think anyone is really ready for the idea that something as fundamental as the co-branding of these titles might be coming to an end.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to feel about this. Some fans might be feeling terror at the thought that Daybreak could totally fall apart, leaving the individual games and studios in free-fall. Others might be excited that a new owner could revitalize franchises like EverQuest after Daybreak showed a lack of willingness, available funds, or both. And some people, let’s face it, are going to wonder why anyone would care in the first place (because someone always asks that). So what about you, dear readers? How do you feel about the new Daybreak situation and where do you think the company is going as a whole?

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