Catch up on World of Warcraft’s overall story arc in just one and a half minutes

Going nowhere, going nowhere

Yes, you read that title right: This one and a half minute video will get you fully up to speed on World of Warcraft’s ongoing story arc from¬†Wrath of the Lich King to the present day. No, it does not contain someone talking so quickly that John Moschitta Jr. would ask for a slower read-through. No, it’s not sped up to the point of incomprehensibility. Yes, it’s pretty much all done using in-game assets.

Yes, there are chickens.

Of course, this video from YouTuber Tarriff is really of more use to players who already¬†are familiar with the game’s ongoing story arc, and if you already know the story cold it’ll probably make you laugh loud enough that your boss will ask what the heck is wrong. Just… click through and watch it. Seriously.

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