Astellia Online is working on a fix for the Steam DLC configuration that’s making refunds impossible


If you tried to pick up Astellia Online on Steam yesterday for its launch, you like noticed a few things. First, Steam was struggling and a lot of games were rendered unplayable all at the same time during the afternoon. That’s fixed now. But second, Astellia’s different tiers of packages – at least one of which is required to play the game – are configured as DLC. As Redditors have pointed out, Steam DLC are non-refundable, unlike normal games, so if you were hoping to buy the game to try it out and then take it back, welp, you can’t do that.

But apparently it’s not something that was intended. spoke to Barunson EA and go this statement from the company’s community manager:

“We’re actively working on getting that sorted with Steam. Essentially there is a bit of a conflict with one of the policies regarding DLC’s that is preventing players from refunding. This is of course not what we intended, and are in contact with them to find a solution. We don’t have an exact ETA on when, but rest assured we’re working to adjust it to fall in line with the normal refund policies Steam players are familiar with (14 days / under 2 hours played).”

The issue seems to be messing with Steam Charts tracking of the game as well, since it’s listed multiple times and the peak is quite low. Either way, you might be better off waiting until it’s fixed.

Source: Reddit, Thanks, Pepperzine and Kieran!
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