Old School RuneScape releases its Nightmare of Ashihama boss fight


A nightmare is settling over the land of Old School RuneScape. A living nightmare, to be exact. Luckily, this nightmare seems reasonably susceptible to being sworded and magiced to death, and the world of Gielinor definitely has an abundance of both. That said, the newly released Nightmare of Ashihama boss seeks to provide players with a mighty test.

A press release for this new encounter promises that the Nightmare of Ashihama will bring combat mechanics that have never been seen by players before. The fight can also scale for as many as 80 players if one is so inclined to herd that many kittens. Mercifully, the fight will reward everyone who takes part and deals a minimum amount of damage with something, so that kitten herd won’t all be attacking a small food bowl.

What sort of rewards are waiting at the end of this fight? You’ve got a Nightmare Staff, one of three different Orbs for the staff, the Inquisitor’s Mace, or one of three pieces of the Inquisitor’s Armor set that can fall out of this particular pinata. There’s also tertiary drops like a pet, jar, and clue scroll. Rare reward chances scale with contribution, so the more damage players deal to the Nightmare, the better opportunity they have of getting some good shiny.

Details on how to get to the fight itself as well as stats and information for those new gear drops can be read on the OSRS site.

sources: press release, official site
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