Grapecard’s pirate MMO Atlas just dropped its level cap, still cannot hold 40K players


At the tail end of January, we noted that Atlas had once again reared its head as “Grapecard” announced the early access pirate MMO’s next update. Now, that update has arrived.

As the patch notes indicate, this is release that reduces the player level cap from 150 down to 120 (level squish, anyone?). Yes, you’ll get a free respec if you were affected. The devs have also increased the spawn rate of some higher-tier shops, increased damage players take from some mounts, increased the attack range of some mounts, tweaked grenades and torpedoes, and boosts experience gain from killing the Kraken and Snowman (their drops are better now too). Plus, “all loot tables now have a chance to drop an already-crafted version of an item rather than just the blueprint” – definitely take a peek at the whole list of blueprint changes for treasure chest loot.

Player reaction is pretty mixed on the official forums so far. MMO players will recall that Atlas launched into early access at the end of 2018 after a surprise announcement and several delays, promising to be an “MMO on the grandest scale” with 40,000 on the same globe simultaneously. It’s never quite achieved that, of course. It did, however, see an 88% drop in its average concurrency over 2019, thanks in part to confusing messaging over single- vs- multi-player and a new boss. It also rolled out to console.

Source: Patch notes
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