Sea of Thieves outlines weekend events and previews Chainshot cannon ammunition


There’s a new episode of the Sea of Thieves News out there, and it’s once more full of quick-hit information on things that are on the way for the piratical multiplayer sandbox. In this edition, players get a look at the devastating Chainshot and alerts to several things happening over the upcoming weekend in-game.

Events running this weekend include the Hunter’s Haul fishing event, which runs between now and March 9th and rewards players for catching and turning in fishing targets with Doubloons and a unique Figurehead. This Saturday will also feature double XP and gold to celebrate the extra day of this leap year, and there will be Twitch Drop rewards for watching affiliate streamers; Saturday will reward players with the Obsidian Fishing Rod, and Sunday will grant players the Ebon Flintlock Pistol.

In the near future, Sea of Thieves players can sow a bit of cannon-borne chaos thanks to the Chainshot, a nasty piece of cannon ammunition that immediately destroys ship components like masts and capstans. This particular shot doesn’t do much hull damage and has shorter range than regular cannon balls, but its effect on disabling a ship in open water certainly makes it worth the effort to get in close.

All this, plus a half-adorable, half-awkward round of rapid-fire questions with one of the game’s community heads, are in the video embed below.

source: YouTube


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