Trove aims to turn you green during the annual festival of St Qubeslick

With St Patrick’s Day parades and festivities closing down in real life thanks to the spreading virus, you may just have to get the green out of your system digitally. Thankfully, MMOs like Trove are here to oblige with in-game celebrations themed around your favorite shamrock-centric day – or weeks, in the case of the festival of St Qubeslick.

“Feeling eager to jump into a new event this spring? Lucky for you Trovian, we’ve got you covered! St. Qubeslick is so extraordinary that you can magically turn your friends green – and possibly green with envy. Hedge your bets and be sure to log in each day from March 10 until March 24 to automatically get amazing daily rewards!”

What kind of rewards? Gamigo is promising themed allies (minipets) and costumes, both as rewards for the new quest line and as part of a new cash shop collection if you want to skip the “actually playing the game” part. Yes, of course, there’s a leprechaun. Lucky Dust will also be dropping from all dungeon chests throughout the event; they’re used to plant a new form of Lucky Clover plants that never need watering, boost magic find, and can be turned into lucky stars. Lucky stars turn you green. I was not playing around with the green thing.


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