SEGS moves its engine and client to City of Heroes Issue 2 assets


Good news for the people following SEGS, as the emulation project is moving both its custom engine and client over to the City of Heroes Issue 2 assets, rather than the Issue 0/Issue 1 assets. This is a positive change as it could be rather difficult to find a way to either download or install the old original assets, while the Issue 2 assets are on the (more common) Collector’s Edition DVD and should be easier for enthusiasts to hunt down.

For those of you who have forgotten about SEGS (which is better than forgetting about Dre), the project is an emulator built from the ground up to serve as a custom project, allowing fans to host their own game servers and customize the game while still requiring data off the discs to avoid many of the usual emulation legal arguments. The project has been humming along and developing over time, but the higher-profile SCORE rogue server and the subsequent revival explosion has somewhat blunted the project’s impact.

Source: Twitter
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