City of Heroes emulator SEGS cranks up powersets

The Super Entity Game Server (SEGS) continues to push forward with its version to bring a full-featured open source emulator of City of Heroes to the public. Before that happens there is a lot to be done, of course, as it is no small project to resurrect this game from the dead and reintroduce it in the grey arena of emus.

For those cheering SEGS on, there’s a great reason to rejoice this week. The team oh-so-casually posted a development screenshot this week with the instructions to look at the lower right — where there just so happens to be icons and menus for two of City of Heroes’ classic powersets. Looks like a major breakthrough has been made!

As a fun aside, it’s interesting to note that the City of Heroes subreddit is far more active than some of the subs for MMOs that are actually operating!

Excited about the SEGS emulator? Cautious or worried? Let us know below!

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City of Heroes emulator SEGS announces new update with NPCs, database support, and a GUI

If you’ve been following SEGS’ twitter over the last week, you know the team there has been teasing something big. And now we know what it is: the next version of the game.

SEGS, of course, stands for Super Entity Game Server; we’ve been covering its team’s efforts to create a full-fledged free-to-play open-source City of Heroes emulator codebase since April.

“The SEGS Group is proud to announce the release the the next version of the Super Entity Game Server version 0.5.0, nicknamed by the group, The UnSilencer,” the developers say. “This version features numerous updates, fixes and additions to the code that will allow you to run a server that is compatible with the Issue 0/1 client of City of Heroes, Comic book/Superhero MMORPG. Some of the new features of this version, are the ability of the server to now spawn NPCs or Non Player Characters, on the map in their predetermined spawn points. Also added is support for MySQL and PostgresSQL in the dbtool, used to create new databases for the server.”

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Missing 14-year-old City of Heroes? The SEGS emulator is looking for coders

Are you missing City of Heroes this week, what with the 14th anniversary of its launch and all? We are too. Earlier this month, we wrote about one of the many brilliant homages to the game, Super Entity Game Server (aka SEGS). But instead of being a brand-new game in the City of Heroes spirit or a combat-free (and relatively safe from legal action) client like Paragon Chat, SEGS is a straight up emulator that intends to restore the whole shebang. And apparently, the team is hunting for more folks to help speed up development.

“We want to extend a invitation to those who have some C++ coding skills as we head towards our second release, and would be interested in volunteering to help out,” the SEGS team told Massively OP by email this weekend. “While the internet is a big place, it’s also not as easy to get a message out. Hence why we’re making sure we offer this to anyone who could be interested. As for people who have no coding experience, there is room for you to volunteer as well. By downloading, installing and submitting bugs through our GitHub page.”

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City of Heroes emulator pumps out its first public release

Former City of Heroes players have plenty of options to try to fill the void of their favorite MMO. There’s a chat shell that uses the original client, there are superhero MMOs out right now, there are multiple superhero MMOs in development, and now, there’s a City of Heroes emulator for those who don’t mind walking on the grey side of legality.

The project is Super Entity Game Server (or SEGS for short), which allows fans to run their own City of Heroes server. SEGS has just put out its first public release and compares itself to SWGemu in focus and goals. Right now the client is fairly limited, allowing players to make characters and walk around Atlas Park, but the team hopes that it will be expanded to include all of the content that City of Heroes had when it closed down.

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