After weeks of teasing, the City of Heroes SEGS Engine project has released its ‘very alpha’ build

Now, this is important to state: I would also like more robots.

Over the past while we’ve been covering the progress of the Super Entity Game Server (SEGS) Engine, a fan-run project that’s trying to rewrite the code of City of Heroes to make it connect with player-owned assets, which in turn makes it dodge the legal walls thrown up by NCsoft’s EULA. When last we peeked in, the devs behind it released a pre-alpha build of the engine to GitHub.

Over the past couple of weeks, the SEGS Twitter account was offering up some teaser tweets that had all of subtlety of a tap dancing elephant, but now it has officially announced that it’s self-described “very alpha” version of the engine is now operational and available for download, along with some patch notes just below the file list. “It’s very alpha, still has some bugs, but… it’s here,” reads a Reddit post from one of its devs. “Performance testing is the name of the game right now.”

Most of the reaction to that post on the COH subreddit can best be described as general confusion, particularly as the information shared thus far doesn’t appear to be written for the layman, though one question about whether people who aren’t coders can test the engine did get an answer that said a pre-built executable for people to test is in the works.

sources: Twitter, Reddit
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