City of Heroes emulator pumps out its first public release

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Former City of Heroes players have plenty of options to try to fill the void of their favorite MMO. There’s a chat shell that uses the original client, there are superhero MMOs out right now, there are multiple¬†superhero MMOs in development, and now, there’s a City of Heroes emulator for those who don’t mind walking on the grey side of legality.

The project is Super Entity Game Server (or SEGS for short), which allows fans to run their own City of Heroes server. SEGS has just put out its first public release and compares itself to SWGemu in focus and goals. Right now the client is fairly limited, allowing players to make characters and walk around Atlas Park, but the team hopes that it will be expanded to include all of the content that City of Heroes had when it closed down.

“Basically, SEGS will be a full server for the CoX game,” the team said. “You’ll be able to play missions, interact with NPCs and collect badges and such. Just like you did in the old game. Also, because you will have control of your own server, should you decide to put one up and share with friends and such, you will have control to add your own content. Change names and the like. So yes, we’re excited about this because it has the possibility to be more.”

Source: SEGS via Reddit. Thanks Cyanpill!
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