Path of Exile mulls over reviving its popular April Fools’ Day Battle Royale mode

For this year’s April Fools’ Day joke, Path of Exile announced the creation of a Battle Royale mode… and then further surprised players by having that mode actually exist in playable format. So how did that happen? Well, the latest dispatch from the development team explains how they managed to take a silly idea that was originally meant to just be a fake announcement and flesh it out into a playable game mode.

The core of the design was easy – mash up multiple tilesets, create a variant of the cutthroat ruleset, add monsters and treasure to the map, and so forth. Each developer had a different task that looked to take about a day, with a limit of one day of work for each team member to avoid delaying further patches. Of course, the mode also turned out to be a surprise hit, so players can be assured that it will come back in some form in the future; the question is just whether it will be persistent or a limited-time event.

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