Wurm Online opens its Steam page and makes missions easier to complete in its latest patch

As above, so below.

The time is nigh for Wurm Online to arrive to Steam, and no more is that apparent than the opening of its Steam page, so if you’re among those hankering for this game’s form of sandbox MMORPG gaming, you can now add it to your wishlist. Incidentally, the tweet announcing the page’s arrival notes that following said page will be a great way to keep up to date with what’s new in Wurm Online.

Speaking of what’s new, the title has kicked out a new patch that makes bug fixes and some adjustments to Valrei missions. Specifically, Valrei mission items will spawn on the ground like they used to in addition to being found via digging and investigating. Valrei item sacrifice missions will now only accept the items spawned for that specific mission, though any mission items spawned before the follower bonus update will still work for any mission. There are some specific details outlined here, so make sure to look over the notes for that information.


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