WRUP: How to change a tire edition

It's a car.

First step, you should find a tire. This part is easy. Cars usually have several of them. Their owners tend to get mad when you take them so you should be ready to run away really quick. Also, you’ll need a thing to lift the car. Be careful! Cars are heavy, your friend probably can’t lift one. Maybe if you have two friends and they’re really strong.

Next, once you have the tire, you have to decide what you’re going to change it into. If you have a rope and a big tree, you could make a tire swing. You take out the metal bit from the middle of the tire, and you tie the rope to the tire, and then you tie the other end of the rope to the tree. I think you need to use a special knot to make sure it stays together real good.

You could also change a tire into a table, but then you want to leave the metal part in or it won’t have a middle. Also you can probably get tables other ways. Was that not the kind of tire changing you wanted? Let me know in What Are You Playing and I will personally not respond to requests for clarification.

Bonus question: What book do you think you’ve read more than any other? We’re talking a book read cover to cover, not reference books.

Andy McAdams: Hrm, I binged Animal Crossing: New Horizons last weekend; Final Fantasy XIV and ACNH will likely be part of this upcoming weekend as well.

Bonus question: The Lost World by Michael Crichton. I’ve read that book probably 20 times over the years. There’s one particular scene that I love and go back and read the entire book just for that one scene.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’ll definitely be playing some of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Jesters Festival, if for no other reason than to put some levels on a few under-50 toons.

I’m not one of those people who often rereads books, so I guess it’s telling that I’ve read The Hobbit four times. Two reads for me, and two as I was reading it out-loud to my son. He’s 17 now, and it remains both of our favorite book.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): More Star Wars Galaxies Legends, natch, and I need to steal back my Switch from my kids so I can play Animal Crossing again. Our team was talking about selling turnips this week and this, of all things, caught my attention.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Second verse same as the first, pretty much: Lots of event stuff with the FC in Final Fantasy XIV, and a whole lot more Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These are the times when comforting, familiar, and generally chill games are a blessing.

I think the last books I read from cover to cover were The Dragon’s Path and Black Blade Blues, both of which I really liked, but not enough to purchase subsequent books in their respective series. To that point, do you guys recall a time when fiction books were just one-offs and not part of some attempts at a grand franchise?

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’m going to pull up Ishgard Restoration in FFXIV by myself if I have to (despite now having basically everything I want, if we’re being honest). Throw in a game for reviewing and probably a bit of messing around in Star Trek Online and that sounds like a solid weekend.

I can’t remember exactly when I realized that I’ve reread Joe Haldemann’s The Forever War so many times that I can open anywhere in the book and just keep reading without losing my place. It’s not my favorite book, but it’s short enough and my paperback is small enough that it reliably became a staple of my travel reading. A close second is probably Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’ve been dipping my toesies back into Guild Wars 2, although I’m not sure how long that’ll last or how sticky it’ll prove to be. I am also going to be engaging in Lord of the Rings Online’s 44-day Hytbold grind, so wish me luck.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I am putting on some levels in Revelation Online and will be trying out some different classes this weekend. My son just gave me Frostpunk, so I will be getting deeper into that. I dig the aesthetic of it. We’ll see how quickly my little people freeze to death.

Bonus: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Tyler Edwards: I’ve been taking advantage of the double XP in StarCraft II co-op, but that’s usually just a match or two a day. Not sure what I’m going to do other than that. I picked up the full Dungeons franchise on Steam recently having played and enjoyed the third via Origin Access last year, but now that I’ve gone back and tried the first one, it’s not really doing it for me, so I might skip to Dungeons II or play something else entirely. I’m considering going back to NieR: Automata to see the other endings, and returns to Star Trek Online and The Elder Scrolls Online are also in the running.

Bonus question: Lord of the Rings is basically my religion. Some people read the Bible when the need comfort or guidance. I read Lord of the Rings. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it by now.

Pierre, patron: I’m at two-thirds finished with my The Last of Us playthrough. I’ll probably get to the end next week. Yes, I’m slow, but I’m enjoying playing the game combats through infiltration, killing every enemy one by one without getting caught, and it involves a lot of planning and strategy. I also wanted to play a PvE FPS game and went back to The Division; yes the first one, as I find it more beautiful and enjoyable than the sequel. I was tempted to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but with my coop gaming sparing partner, we tested the new update of GRB for 2 hours and gave up.; my friend even ragequit the game and uninstalled it. This game is a catastrophe, and every update makes it worse and worse. Ubisoft doesn’t listen to the players, makes changes in the game from what the developers think could be interesting to the players, but gets it wrong wrong every time…

We really tried to love this game as we did enjoy Widlands a lot, but even for positively thinking players like us, it’s almost impossible. The Elder Scrolls Online will probably be played very casually as I already have a busy gaming program.

Finally, I mentioned in previous WRUPs that I played and finished Braid. But I was missing a final trophy on Steam. It’s a difficult trophy as you have to play through the entire game in less than 45 minutes, a long speedrun trophy indeed. As I’m an obsessive completionist, I’ve started training to be able, one day, to get this trophy. I already have found the proper way to play through the first world (one of six) efficiently and quickly. It’s my first experience training for a speedrun, and I must say I really enjoy it. It’s stimulating, especially as I don’t look for help on the web. I try to find the fastest ways to go through the game by myself and, of course, without use of any glitches.

Bonus question: my most read book is a French sci-fi book, La Nuit des Temps by Rene Barjavel, with the English title translated as “The Ice People.” It’s my favorite science-fiction book, with an amazing love story. I strongly recommend reading it. It’s an old book, written in 1968, but it’s a very good one. Dear MOP readers, first thing first, I hope you’re all safe and not too much impacted by the current crisis. Let us know what you are playing this weekend.

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!


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Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Been playing Deus Ex on PS2, played it when it first came out in I think 99 when I was young and still had hope for the future :P,maybe things aren’t that bad, got what I need and healthy so count my blessings and for some reason toxic environments are my briar patch :).

For books I don’t really often re-read but I really enjoy R A Salvatore’s books, Dark Elf trilogy I enjoyed so much when I read it first and have tried to follow the sequels as much as I could. Lately though mostly into nonfiction as I at times find fiction difficult in all formats for reasons I will not go into, but I have Tao Te Ching on audiobook and have listened to that many times and other than his ideas on government I find it inspiring and so, he who stops avoids blame…take care, think about choices.

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

I apologize if this post was a little cynical I listened to Extreme Ways by Moby when I first woke up this morning and it sort of set a tone for my state of mind, so perhaps I’ll put Beautiful Day by U2 on and go in a different direction, it seems to help…not a cry for help :P

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Lots of Nintendo with heavy emphasis on Animal Crossing – like most people on earth it feels like. Albion as well – debating on whether or not I’ll renew my membership in the 20 days it is active. Something will have to happen for me to continue. That is on me.

I’m into Love Is Blind on Netflix at the moment. It takes all of the trashiest parts of ‘The Bachelor’, gets broken people and throws them into the universe. Great entertainment.

I have so many un-read books I usually don’t re-read them. Three being the exception – probably because they are short and I adored them so. All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, Animal Farm by Orwell and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Acgebe. Farm and Fall Apart are opposites in so many ways and both had and continue to have a profound impact on me. I feel McCarthy is the most important and talented author living today. I’ll probably re-read Dune before the movie is released (if it is released on time thanks Corona) to do a refresher. It isn’t short of course so that is a more daunting task.


*virtual fist-bump of solidarity to those who have to be out and about*

nothing really, just work
public servant, so more essential than usual… convincing people in a polite manner for anything, much less to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary goes about as well as you’d expect. shouting works :P aaaaaanyway

it is a kinda weirdly serene experience being one of the rare few visible ppl outdoors. and i tend to favour the upsides of any situation no matter how grim to halp retain my itty bitty sanity, anyway, so all good

been avoiding grumpo (which i KNOW has him thrilled, which aggravates me even moar grrrrrrr), even though he is NOT as old as he likes to claim (he vaguely recalls tooting out the universe for instance :P) and despite being a giant mountain of a beardman, his body has gone through a LOT over time, so yeah, being safe about it.

stay safe. stay sane. take precautions. hang out online with ppl you love. do silly things together. also, plot. lotsa plotting and cackling.

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Nothing new to mention playing this week that you haven’t heard me mention before: Star Trek Online; Stellaris; Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes (mobile); and Phoenix Point.

Bonus Answer: Here’s a book a number of you may have missed that I used to read every year or two. I gave away my copy to interested friends so many times now, I’m not even sure I still have a copy myself.

It’s actually a short, unusual fantasy novel by the late Roger Zelazny called Jack of Shadows.

The title character lives on an Earth which no longer rotates; the light side is ruled by science, and the night side is ruled by magic.

It’s an odd book, make no mistake, but something about it caught my imagination when I first read it, so I kept going back to it.

It is NOT the best book you’ll ever read, or anything like that, but it might be an interesting diversion …

Since Roger Zelazny’s premature death from cancer (that hateful beast), his reputation as an author has diminished, so I’m not even sure if Jack of Shadows is even in print any more. Something makes me doubt it.

Don’t pay silly expensive prices for it, but if you can find a used copy for cheap in a second-hand bookstore somewhere, maybe you’ll enjoy it too?

Again, it’s a fun, fantastic diversion, and a short novel — so it likely won’t change your life — but you might have a good time while reading it.

Take care of yourselves, and stay safe, please!

Love to yas, my friends,


P.S. Found out that the book was reprinted in 2016 in both paper format and Kindle. Maybe it won’t be so hard to find?

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Rees Racer

I’ve probably read Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber more times than any other book. Occasionally I’ll get through the entire Corwin arc again as each of those five books is not terribly long..but I’ve only read the last five — “The Merlin Cycle”…once.

There have been rumours for years about a film/series adaptation, most recently with Amazon, but it seems to have stalled.

Bryan Correll

I’ve definitely been through the Corwin books a few times. I’d have to rank Lord of Light (a singleton) as my favorite by Zelazny.

Bryan Correll

IMO the best thing about e-books is that once a digital version exists the book need never go “out of print.” Growing up as an avid SF/fantasy reader it was always frustrating just how hard it was to get hold of copies some of the genre classics. Finding a copy of The Broken Lands by Fred Saberhagen in a used book store was a real cause for celebration give that I had the other two Empire of the East books laying around for a few years.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Finished more bonus quests for last phase of magical animal themed event! Um, that’s it.
  • Magia Record, Brave Exvius, Another Eden, Magikarp Splash, Dx2, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Dragon Quest of the Stars – Little of any of this, other than logins.
  • Last Cloudia –Finished the summer event, but didn’t totally clear out the rewards even as I used up some premium currency to try at it. Caught up to the new story and it had too many poop jokes. Now in the returning Secret of Mana collab event and I got the final character I was missing (Popoi; and I had all gacha ‘arks’ already)! So now I can leave those gacha banners alone as I complete hard mode of story and do other activities. The ‘PvP’ arena mode was added and that’s neat but I’m going to be as casual as possible about it.
  • SWTOR – Partner finished Coruscant and got his ship! And I am finishing the Justicar Sector of it. We completed the Hammer Station flashpoint on Veteran mode, his first time playing with a group, and thankfully we patiently completed the thing.. might try to just duo flashpoints on-level for a while though. Next up is I finish all Coruscant, he goes for a detour to Ord Mantell, and we go datacron hunting.
  • Jackbox – More weekly self-isolating streams!

Also our D&D group seems to be taking a break on it, so we may try Terraria together and other Jackbox games.

New game is War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. One part Final Fantasy Tactics (franchise inspiration), one part Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (same developer and broad world setting, like FFXII to FFT), and one part Alchemist’s Code (very close design, almost just a smoother reskin in many ways – same developer). And I guess one part Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, with its presentation.

This is going to be a TIMESINK. But maybe I can play it casually for the story, as well so much of it grind can be auto-played.

I hope there’s more to this battle music as, while its nice, its getting repetitive already

Partner playing through the oldest Donkey Kong games in the morning and getting rolling on Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the evening (when not SWTOR). Ah, to work from home!

We’re really liking Castlevania Season 3, and I liked Altered Carbon Season 2 more than others did.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I’ve been hammering away at my solo Whirlrend Barb in Diablo 3. Finally got the Wastes set and Mortick’s Bracers. Things are going snapping. Paragon 616 with my gems at 70. Of course, I’ve probably hit the gear barrier, and will be stuck for a bit while I farm mats and such for Cube recipes and Kadala as I keep crafting hoping for a gear upgrade.

I’m meditating on my garden design in House Flipper. Trying to achieve the American garden, but I want some color and not sure if that will give me a lower score in the Garden contest. Pining for daffodils.

Bonus: Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Curse of Chalion is probably my most-read book; great storytelling. But, I’ve read W.E.B. Griffin’s Brotherhood of War mega-series several times through. Every time a new one would come out, I’d re-read the earlier ones. I’ve also read James L. Nelson’s Revolutionary War naval series, Lords of the Oceans several times.

Not much to say about the shelter-in-place except, “so far, so good.”

Stay well, all.


Apex, Star Citizen, and Divinity 2. Stay well, Massively fam!


It would have to be Neuromancer.

Behold, I have crafted a new Distance map, “Tethys”!:



No snark and jokes from me here, today folks. Normally I would, but to have something like that requires me to go out and take in a general amount of aggravation in dealing with others, and then allowing that aggravation percolate like the coffee made from beans a bat craps out. And only once that is done, can I find some snark. But state’s in official lockdown so… yeah. Also, someone stole the tires off my car. I mean, I left them on the hood of my car to serve as a table outside, so I guess they… took my table? And are using my table like wheels then?

I dunno. I’m just gonna… stew on it for a while.

In the meantime? 2 weeks. Less than 2 weeks, even. And I am a frantic mess, because Final Fantasy 7 comes out in less than 2 weeks. The OG Final Fantasy 7 was my introduction to the RPG genre. It’s how I fell into the gameboy spinoff adventure games (which were literally just the mana series which led off to Legends of Mana). It’s how I fell into turn based strategy games like Tactics, which dumped me hard into Front Mission 3. And Final Fantasy 7 led me into the 2 anthology series they released for the PS1, one being the collection of 5 and 6 (or… like, 3 and 6? numbering gets weird for ’em in the west). And the other, Chronicles, being honestly my definitive version of Chrono Trigger… which also led me into Chrono Cross, but we don’t talk about crossing that one.

Yeah, sure, I played Super Mario RPG before FF7… but like… 7 dug itself into me. Meanwhile, we still haven’t seen Genos in smash! C’mon Sakurai!

So yeah! Means I am bouncing around games now, figuring out what I’ll clear out for space. Nioh 2 has the bulk of my attention though, and Doom is just… staring at me. Doesn’t say anything, just… stares and polishes the chainsaw. I… I don’t feel safe not playing that game…

And for bonus? Ender’s Game is likely my number 1 most read. Not exactly from enjoyment, though I did enjoy the book (author, on the other hand, lets not deal with). I have had to do several book reports over… I’d say the early years of school. I grabbed it once, liked it and did the report one time. Second time I had a report, different teacher… no other interesting books so I did Ender’s Game again. And that sort of… repeated a lot. My school’s library sucked in regards to fictional offerings.

Artemis Fowl is second on there though. And then Robert Jordan’s ‘To The Blight’. I’ve been listening to audio books more than reading physical books though nowadays… but if we count that? The Mistborne trilogy has been worked through a few times because I love the narrator’s voice, he does a good job all around. Laundry Files is on there too, though I’ve not kept up on it all that well.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m playing FFXIV this morning. I’m going back out of town for work this week, but I’m staying at a hotel I know has working internet, so I’ll bring the PS4 and can maybe play some more of that. I’m not exactly what anyone would refer to as essential, but the customers we’re doing work for are considered mission critical to the military, so I fall in this gray area where I’m working wherever I can to keep cash flow coming into the small company I work for since most of our other customers are closed for the time being. At least I’m just driving one state over so I don’t have to worry about flying. It doesn’t help that the pollen count is through the roof this season and I’m constantly convinced I’m dying of something.

I bought my daughter an XBox for her birthday and since I got months of Game Pass Unlimited, I downloaded and finished the first Ori last weekend and started the second. Man, it’s beautiful, but once I got the Bash skill I knew I was in for the same bullshit. I know people loved Hollow Knight, but I’m kind of annoyed the Ori team wholesale ripped off HK’s upgrade seal system. I’m one of the few contrarians who didn’t really get the love of HK, and that was one of key things that turned me off. At least the map isn’t completely stupid in Ori.

My most read book is definitely Dune. I went back and started the series again a few months ago when I took my vacation after the movie and video game announcements. I’ve probably read the entire series four or five times, in a universe where it takes me months to read a single book and I can probably count on one hand the number of books that I’ve read more than once (that weren’t Dr Seuss books read to my daughter, in which case it’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish). The push ended pretty quickly when I got back from my vacation and stalled 3/4th of the way through Children.

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On Ori

Kickstarter Donor
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Jack Pipsam

I remember the fact Ori being made in Unity was a constant surprise to so many people who associate bad things with that engine. Ori is drop-dead gorgeous from beginning to end.