Eternal Magic has officially launched on Steam

Oh golly oh gosh!

Hey kids! Do you remember Eternal Magic? If you said “isn’t that the game that was accused of ripping off assets from other games,” you’re right! And if you said “isn’t that the game that claimed it would have a whole beauty contest for female characters,” you are also right! But today we’re not talking about any of that and instead simply noting that the game has now officially arrived on Steam, allowing you to use Valve’s platform to bring all of that into your home! To pull directly from the page itself:

Eternal Magic is a new MMORPG set in the high fantasy universe where adventures await behind every corner! The game offers a spellbinding storyline, a variety of seasonal PvE events, ranked PvP, MOBA mode, player-owned private estate, a robust guilds system, as well as a deep social element… There’s never a dull moment in Terrasia!

Players who added the game to their wishlists well be granted a variety of presents by logging in and checking their in-game mail, with the presents available regardless of your character’s platform of creation. It’s worth noting that the game’s reviews are already into “Mixed” territory, although Steam reviews being what they are you can decide for yourself how much that’s worth.

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