EA Play Live is scheduled for June 11

Skull skull skull skull.

If your younger relatives occasionally tug on your shirt and ask you if E3 will ever return after this year… well, that’s a bit weird, isn’t it? But while it’s an open question and the convention isn’t doing a big digital thing this year, companies like EA are still moving ahead with EA Play Live. No, it’s not a shadow convention off to one side, but it will give EA a platform to show off all of its own titles, updates, and the like across the board.

Some of the big things to watch for this year will be any news about Anthem (which has been rumored to be getting a top-down reboot) or Apex Legends, but it’s also possible for a lot of other news that’s either related to online games or just of interest. It’ll be interesting to watch in light of the current state of affairs anyhow, so keep your eyes open on June 11th when the event takes place.

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