Wurm Online fixes a number of weird bugs in its latest patch


The most recent patch to sandbox MMO Wurm Online is mostly all about improving the game and crushing bugs, which is all well and good. That said, these patches usually don’t make for interesting reading overall. This one, however, is amusing considering some of the problems that it looks to fix.

For one thing, all hitched animals on PvE will no longer be considered enemies by village guards, which brings to mind a hellscape where wagon-drawing horses are vigorously assaulted by town guards in bouts of righteous rage. The update has also apparently disabled the /snipe feature, which apparently was being misused. Go figure.

There are a number of less weird changes in this patch as well, such as adjustments to Tangleweave, new titles for 100 Rake and 100 Papyrusmaking, a wide variety of bug fixes, and changes to PvP healing such as making cure spells only castable on wounds and not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers and a 150% increase to resistance rate. It’s all outlined in the patch notes.

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