Veterans Online is a top-down twin stick 5v5 PvP shooter

Veterans Online is a top-down twin stick 5v5 PvP shooter

When I spotted this game in our newsroom, I was a bit confused by its title; Veterans Online doesn’t sound like a particularly good time to me, though I also wouldn’t mind more aged heroes that aren’t wizards in gaming. However, the fact that this game is a twin stick shooter perks my interest, as it’s one of my favorite sub-genres.

Veterans Online comes to us from indie dev Nuked Cockroach and promises 5v5 team warfare in three different PvP modes. Players will need to have quick reflexes and work as a team to succeed, which surely will be everyone’s experience in a PvP game of PUG’ing.

The multiplayer shooter also features Twitch integration with daily missions, where players can choose whether to stream their own gameplay or watch a streamer perform missions to earn in-game currency that can be used to buy upgrades for their characters. Speaking of customization, players can customize their little twin stick shooty avatar with skins, taunts, tags, and mounts.

Veterans Online is free-to-play and available now on Steam. You can get more information about the game on the Steam page link and get a glimpse of the shooter in action in the video after the cut.

source: press release

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I suspect that at this point devs just throw word magnets at a fridge and hope for something that isn’t trademarked already. We live in a world where “candy” and “scrolls” are apparently registered trademarks already and can’t be used in the title of any other game ever. :(