Crafter-centric MMO Shop Titans turns one year old with new pets update


By chance, Justin mentioned crafting guilds in Shop Titans on this week’s Massively OP Podcast, so when this press release for the game’s first anniversary and 4.0.0 rolled along, I had to take a peek. The hook here is that you build a fantasy shop, craft items to stock it, sell it to adventurers, and then put together your own party of heroes for dungeoning. There’s a multiplayer (Kabam flat-out calls this an MMO) component too, with guilds, event grouping, and a global market. Today’s update specifically adds new pets:

“Shop Titans’ new pets will instantly make stores friendlier and add some extra loving personality with their presence. Starting today, players choose either a pet cat or dog to start, with hamsters, chickens, and unicorns available to unlock. Pets can be personalized and level up to gain more prestige and energy when shopkeepers and customers give them food and affection. Pets will also follow players when they visit other guild member’s shops.”

The game’s Steam page also mention new story chapters with this update as well. It’s free-to-play and actually has a “mostly positive” rating there; apparently it also has an optional sub and runs on Android and iOS as well.

Source: Press release, Steam
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