Shroud of the Avatar discusses its new dungeon and answers player questions with Lord British


Shroud of the Avatar is inviting dungeon crawlers of the MMORPG to try out something a little different in the game’s latest newsletter. The headlining feature is about Myrkur, a new scene that features dynamically scaling tech that lets players enter portals to change the encounter’s difficulty between normal and extreme mode. This will effectively change the difficulty of the critters inside the dungeon as well as the XP they award, but will not introduce better loot drops as of right now. That will be added later along with scaling resource nodes.

The devs at Catnip Games also took a moment to have Richard Garriott himself join a Q&A livestream, though most of Garriott’s talk focused on his upcoming trip to the bottom of the sea and how he found some poison ivy at his lakeside cabin. The actual developers did take some player questions and address them, however, so the video is still perhaps worth a blip through for fans.


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I find it funny that RG has to get his devs to correct edits in his book because he doesn’t know much of what’s in the game. You would think that Portnip would ensure that people who couldn’t get a copy of the last book that was promised as a funding goal would get a signed copy of this book.

Richard has more knowledge of his upcoming trip than the game he developed for years.


I still fondly remember Ultima 6 and Ultima 7. For a long time those were the pinnacles of the CRPG genre and nothing came close. It took 6 years before Bioware was able to claim the throne for themselves for a while.

Songs for Children

It’s laughable how Catnip Games trots out Garriott every once in a while, seemingly in an effort to maintain the flimsy façade that he’s still involved in the game in any meaningful way.